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DIY At-Home Wine Tasting Kits

With or without cheese? That’s the only question!

UPDATE 19/12 - We are now sold out of our Christmas Wine Gift Boxes. If you'd like to order them as gifts for 2024, please get in touch and we'll let you know once they go back on sale

The Independent just named our Christmas Wine Gift Box as their best gift for wine lovers to liven up Christmas Day! And who are we to disagree?

Each kit  includes 5 glasses of wine, each perfect for a different part of Christmas Day. Complete with a set of wine tasting cards containing information about the wine,  the winemaker and food pairing suggestions, this is one gift that won't stay in it's box for long, and definitely won't be regifted.

What's more, our elves have been busy and devised a way that the wine inside each bottle will remain unspoiled for up to 14 days, meaning we can distribute them ahead of the last minute Christmas post-rush, and they'll still taste great on the big day - just stick them all in the fridge once you receive them.

What’s included? Five 100ml organic, vegan and minimal intervention wines alongside information cards about each wine. KASK's Christmas Wine Tasting Kits include 2 whites, 2 reds + a rosé.

How much are the kits? £25 per kit plus £9.99 delivery to one address (delivery fees increase for more than six kits to any one address). We only ship within UK mainland.

With or without cheese? That’s the only question!

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