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DIY At-Home Wine Tasting Kits

With or without cheese? That’s the only question!

Get ready to host your own wine tasting! We give you the tools and you do the rest.

What’s included?

Five 100ml organic, vegan and minimal intervention wines alongside either three or five artisan cheeses. You'll also receive information cards about each wine as well as a sheet of pairing notes of our recommendations about which cheese pairs best with which wine. Our kits usually include at least one white, rosé, orange and red wine. Please note most of the cheese we use is unpasteurised and therefore not suitable for pregnant women.

How much is the DIY At-Home Wine and Cheese Tasting Kit?

£36 for three cheeses or £42.50 for five perfectly paired cheeses. Delivery is £9.99 to one address (delivery fees increase for more than four wine and cheese kits to any one address). We only ship within UK mainland.

With or without cheese? That’s the only question!

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