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Birthday Wine Tasting & Private Hire in Bristol

Have your birthday at KASK

Spend Your Birthday At KASK

If you’re planning to celebrate your birthday in Bristol, we’d love to host. Whether you’re looking for a venue or space to hire for the birthday celebration, or would like a wine tasting (big or small) to make it a proper treat, we’re here for it!

With two venues on North Street – KASK and Kitchen By KASK –  we can offer different options ranging from full venue or garden hire to a smaller space for you and your friends to have all to your selves; and different forms of tastings including wine only, wine and cheese, or a full dinner in your own private restaurant (with or without a wine tasting experience).

Booking Your Birthday At KASK or Kitchen by KASK

Birthday Options

Why Choose KASK for Your Birthday?

Your Own Bar or Restaurant

House parties are fun until you’ve got to clear up. Take over one of our spaces for the night and we won’t even charge a hire fee – instead we ask for a minimum spend, meaning every pound you (and your mates) spend will be on the good stuff. If you’re looking for more of a bar vibe, we’ll put together a menu of wine, beer, cider, spirits + softs, and our usual food menu of cheese, charcuterie + snacks will be available. But if you want the ultimate dinner party without the washing up, we’ll bring in a chef who’ll work with you on your ideal menu

A Private Space In A Busy Bar

You don’t want to traipse around town on your birthday looking for somewhere that will let you all in. With different nooks and crannies in our bar and garden, we’ll book you a space that fits the size of your party and it’s yours for as long as you want it. If there’s more than six of you, we can host a private wine tasting for you, or you may just choose to order off the menu. And yes, we have more than just wine, with loads of beers, ciders + no/low options, plus some locally made spirits. And if there’s something else you really want, we can usually get it in.

Wine Tasting Your Way

Our standard package includes five wines: two whites, one orange, and two reds. But it’s your birthday, so you should have wine your way. Fancy having just three or four wines? Sure thing. Want all whites or all reds? No problem. Can’t stand orange wine? We don’t agree, but we’re not going to force it down you. Want to include a welcome glass of fizz and/or cheese or bigger food platters? We’ll provide you with the options and you can put together the Wine Tasting you want. And if there’s a particular region you’d love to focus on, just ask.

Central Bristol Location

Both our venues are on North Street in Bedminster, just a short taxi-ride across the river from Bristol Temple Meads. On a bus route into the city centre and with Ubers always buzzing around, the night won’t fizzle out into a drudge through the rain clutching a damp kebab.

“I recently celebrated my 30th birthday at KASK and the team there were incredibly accommodating and helpful throughout. Would highly recommend, the space there is wonderful, and the wine delicious"

Beth Rebisz, March 2024

“We are KASK regulars because their wine lists are always top notch and their staff are even better. It weas such an obvious choice when we needed someone to provide the wine and run the bar at our 10th anniversary party. Charlie and the team absolutely smashed it! They helped us choose wines that all our guests raved about. They ran the bar at an external venue but brought the usual KASK charm. And they were a dream tio work with throughout – with clear and quick communication, reasonable prices, and lots of thoughtful touches. We had an amazing party and can’t imagine it without KASK. Thank you!"

Rebecca Enderby

“Lovely experience! Celebrated a birthday, staff were very accommodating. Ran their ‘Pour Decisions’ session on a Saturday afternoon especially for us. Atmosphere inside was great, wine was delicious; even with a bigger group they catered to all preferences”

Orla Baber, March 2024

Wines With Stories - Why You'll Love Wine Tasting With Us

We get it. While we geek out over soil composition, fermentation temperatures and whole bunch maceration, this may not be your bag. Which is where Wines With Stories comes in. Each of the wines we’ll pour you has its own story to up the interest factor. So we may pour you the wine of the female and experimental winemaker in a patriarchal part of Spain who embraced being called ‘the witch’ by featuring broomsticks and cauldrons on her labels. Or one from the great-great-grandchildren of the two brothers who sailed from Italy to Argentina in 1914 with the dream of owning their own vineyard and finally bought a patch of land 40 years later, which their family have been farming ever since. Or one from the borders of Slovenia and Italy where a wine culture has survived despite a century of geo-politics and shifting borders – imagine waking up to find your vineyard is now in a different country than your wine cellar!

  • 1. You Won’t Leave Thirsty
    While many other venues only pour 50 or 75ml glasses, each of our pours are 100ml, and our cheese plates and food platters are equally plentiful. This is a birthday after all.
  • 2. None of The Nasties
    Each wine you drink will be organic and made with minimal intervention. What does that mean? It means our winemakers don’t use any of the nasty pesticides, herbicides, toxins, chemicals, additives and preservatives sadly found in conventional winemaking.
  • 3. Wine Tasting For You…and The Friend Who’d Rather Be Having A Beer
    Our Wine Tastings are pitched at both wine-lovers and -doubters, and we love a challenge. We’ll make it a game, with you and your guests challenged to pick out the wines you’re drinking from a list of tasting notes, breaking down the inhibitions that some have when taking about wine. And if you’re mate really doesn’t like wine, we’ll put together a small beer tasting for them instead. Or if you have a non-drinking friend, we can pour them some great no/low options.


How Many Guests Can KASK accommodate for a Birthday?

KASK can host a maximum of 70 guests across both the inside of the venue and the garden. Much of the garden is covered and has heaters. The inside has a capacity of 28 (seated) or 40-45 seated + standing, depending how close you want your guests to get! The garden can seat 30 and easily accommodate another 15.

How Many Guests Can Kitchen by KASK accommodate for a Birthday?

Kitchen by KASK can host up to 28 people. A smaller space than KASK, it’s perfect for a private dinner party or bar hire for groups of between 12 to 28.

Does KASK only have wine?

No! While our main focus is wine, we also have an always-changing Beer menu (including two on draft and at least seven in can/bottle); ciders; spirits; Spritzes; the odd cocktail’ and no/low or soft drinks. For a big birthday booking we can also order in most special requests.

How far in advance should we book a corporate wine tasting event?

As we don’t have a kitchen at KASK, our food menu centres around cheese, charcuterie, breads, olives + snacks. You can see a sample food menu here However, if you want a fuller menu, we should chat about you hiring out Kitchen by KASK and working with one of our chef friends to design your perfect dinner party menu.

Are there any options for non-drinkers at a Wine Tasting?

Yes! We have a few (good) non-alcoholic sparkling wines and we’d compliment these with a couple of non-alcoholic cocktails.

Is there a minimum number of people you can accommodate for a private wine tasting?

We ask for a minimum of six people however if you’re a group of less than six, we can still offer you a Wine Tasting – just without a dedicated host. Get in touch for details

How do we book our birthday event?

Send us an email to hey@kaskwine.co.uk with details of your desired date and time(s) of your birthday event and we’ll come back to you within one or two days.

How to find us

Ready to make it a birthday you won't forget (or if you do, it will be for all the right reasons. Contact us today to get things in motion!.