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Wine Tasting

DIY, Virtual or In-Person Wine Tasting Experiences

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In-Person Wine Tasting Experience in Bristol

We host fortnightly wine and cheese tastings at our wine bar and garden in Bedminster, Bristol. We often welcome our favourite suppliers to KASK to host these alongside us and these evenings are always fun as well as informative. Our Great Big Wine + Cheese Tasting events (not very humble) are held on Wednesdays but if we sell out the Wednesday, we do the same tasting for a smaller group on the Thursday.

And on the Wednesdays we don’t have a wine and cheese tasting, we host our Pour Decisions tastings – a choose-your-own-adventure tasting where you pay £5 a glass.

If you’re looking for something more exclusive, you can also book a privately hosted wine or wine and cheese tasting with us at KASK. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can book an area or even take the venue entirely. If you’re a group of between six and ten, this experience in conjunction with our friends at Yuup might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Corporate Wine Tasting

Bored of paintball? Had enough bowling? One quiz too many? Ask us to help host your next team-building or corporate away-day and ensure your team or clients end the day happy.

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Stay at home

DIY At-Home Wine Tasting kits by KASK

From £25

Whether you’re looking for a way to virtually catch up with friends and family near and far or you’ve been tasked with planning an office party…our at home wine tasting kits are for you. There’s a number of options tailored to suit all tastes and budgets – giving you ultimate flexibility.

Virtual wine tasting

Virtual Wine Tasting hosted by KASK on Zoom

From £35 per person

75 minute hosted virtual wine tasting Zoom session with one of our experts. You’ll be guided through five wines, learning about the winemakers, who farm organically or bio-dynamically, practicing as little intervention in the cellar as possible; the winemaking process; the tasting notes of each wine and most importantly, why these sustainably-grown and made wines taste the way they do.

We'd like to say a huge thanks for the wine tasting. It was a perfect combination of interesting stories paired with good wine and cheese. The guests thought it was wonderful. I'm usually very fussy with my wines, but genuinely liked them all. The portions were also generous.

- The Economist