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5 More Favs From ’23 !SOLD OUT!

Wine + Cheese Tasting - 31st Jan | 7.30pm

Our Great Big Wine + Cheese tasting on 31st  January features five more of the wines we loved from last year (we found it way too hard to narrow it down to just five for our tasting on the 17th).

As with all of our Great Big Wine + Cheese Tasting Events, expect this to be lively, maybe a little chaotic, and a whole lot of fun: this is not your usual formal, stuffy wine tasting. Book your ticket(s) and we'll send you an email a few days before to remind you and with a bit more info.

Please Read Before You Buy...

– Should you wish to change the date of a booked tasting, we can only do this if advised 72 hours or more before the event.

– We don’t send out tickets for tastings – you will receive an order confirmation and this will be a confirmation that you’re on the guest list for the event.


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