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Pour Decisions | 13th March

Pour Decisions Wine Tasting - 13th March

'Pour Decisions' is a pocket-friendly wine tasting series where you get to decide which wines you taste - it's a Choose Your Own Adventure Wine Tasting!

It's super casual. We'll select your first glass and tell you a little about the wine and the winemaker. Then for any following glasses we'll offer two contrasting options and help you decide how to pick. And to prove that wine tasting doesn't need to be expensive, you get to choose how much you spend by choosing how many wines you taste. Each one is a fiver and you can have one, two, three, four or five or...

This isn't a full scale tasting - for those, check out our Great Big Wine + Cheese Tastings - but our team will give you snippets of info about each wine and happily  answer any questions you have (we love questions!)

To book your space, choose the time from the drop-down menu below, pay for your first drink, and then arrive on time. You'll then pay on the night for any subsequent glasses.


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