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Five Great Christmas Gifts For Wine Lovers

Five Great Christmas Gifts For Wine Lovers

If you find yourself stuck for ideas for Christmas presents this year and if you have a loved one which is a wine lover, you have come to the right place for the ultimate gift guide. Tasteful and practical gifts. Think outside of the box, instead of running to the shops last minute to grab a bottle of wine, any real wine connoisseur will appreciate a thoughtful gift, these gifts suit every wine lover whether its your boss, friends, or family. Within this article we will discover 5 top gift ideas for wine fanatics which suit all tastes and budgets.

I heart wines personalised i heart prosecco

There’s nothing better than a personalised gift, especially when it’s a prosecco with your name on it. This gift is suitable for those who go a little easy on their Christmas presents budget, but still want to provide thoughtful gifts. Adding a personalised touch such as customising the label and uploading a image inside the heart. This kind of present can also be delivered straight to their door, letting someone know you’re thinking about them during this festive period.

DIY At-Home Wine Tasting

Wine tasting in the comfort of your own home. All tools are available within these home wine diy tasting kits, allowing you to host a unforgettable wine tasting experience. The sets include a variety of wines, information cards detailing the features of each wine for example the wine maker, grape and region, making it an informational experience too. Also, included pairing recommendations so you know which cheese pairs best with which wine, making sure you get the most out of the wine. This gift is perfect for those who like to experiment and host, ideal for nights in with your loved ones, weekends away and even during covid-19 times sprucing up a virtual catch up.

Drink tops tap and seal outdoor drinking glass cover

This genius, practical gift will be much appreciated. Once the summer hits, outdoor drinking in your garden or round a friends with your favourite wine becomes a regular occurrence. However, there’s always the same problem with bugs landing in your drink or your wine warming up. These outdoor drinking glass covers solve all problems, from keeping bugs away, helping your drink to stay cool and allowing the wine to breathe. The innovative silicone cover protects your wine by sealing to the glass and insulating the wine.

Wind Chimes Made From Glass Wine Bottle

The ultimate gift for the outdoorsy wine lover. The origins of wind chimes come from practises involving scaring away evil spirits and birds, overtime they were used to create inner peace by high leaders and now most commonly used as decorative garden art features. Also, in China it was used to help determine astrological and climate changes, overall wind chimes have various uses in different parts of the world. There’s nothing more relaxing than listening to the sound of these chimes while indulging in your favourite bottle of wine, the perfect addition to a wine lovers back garden or patio. You can purchase this gift in many different colours so if your loved one likes colour or more of a minimalistic design then you are sure to find one you or your loved one will love. Also, this could be inspiration to create your own wine wind chime if you are the artistic, DIY type of person which will also add to the thoughtfulness of this gift.

The Impossible Collection Of Wine Book

This is a gift for the real wine experts who love to dive a little deeper into individual wines. This huge book covers 100 of the most exceptional vintage styled wines of the 20th century, paired with a pretty wood box. This book includes beautiful pictures, in depth descriptions and tones of interesting information to keep your loved one occupied for hours on end.


Whether your loved one is a red or white wine lover, each of these unique gifts are perfect for every wine fanatic, you just can’t go wrong. This gift guide is full of the top presents, but my favourite must be the DIY wine tasting set as this provides an experience they can share with others, while tasting and exploring the exceptional wine. You are now spoilt for choice when doing your Christmas shopping.