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KASK Christmas Dinner Wine Cases

We all need a big drink this Xmas. So we’ve pulled together three cases of six of our absolute favorite bottles as well as two cases of three for smaller groups, so you can rest easy knowing your rack at home is STOCKED full for the festive season.⁣

All have been expertly chosen to pair perfectly with your Christmas dinner and we'll also be providing tasting notes for each bottle as well as food pairing suggestions so you can play sommelier this Dec 25th. Expect some sparkle and maybe even a bottle of sherry…

Choose from these pricing options:
  • The Xmas Essentials / £85⁣ / Six bottles / A lucky dip six bottles for your Chrissy Day table.
  • Three Festive Treats / £55⁣ / Three bottles / For smaller groups, this box of treats will really level up your Xmas lunch. There might not be enough left for Boxing Day though…
  • A Wild Wild Christmas / £75 / Three bottles / For those who like it NATURAL. Expect the super funky stuff. Your guests will love it. 
  • Six Festive Treats / £110 / Six bottles / Six bottles of the goodest stuff. Merry Christmas.   
  • The Chrissy Exy But Sexy / £145 / Six bottles / The very best present to unwrap. Six top shelf delights to make it the best Xmas yet.   

UK-wide delivery is £9.99 for one case to one address. Shipping of additional cases to the same address is charged at £7 per case.


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