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Design Your Own Christmas Wine Label | 7th December

Following a really successful and well received debut of this event in August, we're bringing it back for the Christmas period. Join artist Lucy Grepne (KASK team-member by night / Art Graduate + Bake Off Colourist by day) and design your own Christmas wine label.

We'll be opening bottles that are as good on the outside as they are on the in, and you'll design your own label, taking inspiration from the art on the bottles that will surround you.

It's simple: Drink the wine, listen to us waffle on about the wine + the winemaker, then let your artistic skills run wild. And if you're happy with your work (we're sure you will be), buy a bottle to take home and we'll add your label to it. You may keep it to yourself or you may decide it's the perfect totally one-of-a-kind Christmas present.

Your ticket includes your first glass of wine, all art materials, and Lucy's guiding words to help you create your very own masterpiece!



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